To achieve targets of an 80% UK-wide reduction in emissions by 2050, an approximate 60.5% reduction in average household emissions is required. This project aims to motivate individual action through communicating the sense of collective effort, and to encourage everyday actions to reduce energy usage at home.

Meet Bloom, an elegant, minimalistic product for the home that shows you your energy consumption in a beautiful and engaging way.
Bloom is a dynamic home device that mimics a flower, opening and closing depending on a user’s energy use throughout the day. A switch allows the user to change between ‘individual mode’ and ‘community mode’, connecting Bloom to the Bloom network and enabling the device to react to the energy consumption average of the neighbourhood.​​​​​​​

Form was explored to achieve an organic shape through  rapid physical prototyping, as well as virtual prototyping using  graph mapper nodes in Grasshopper software (a Rhino plugin). Visuals were created on Fusion360 and rendered on Blender.

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